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Claiming our Inheritance

For some Christians, this kind of prayer seems unnecessary and even repugnant.
But there are others who will not survive as believers, if they do not get the help that comes from claiming their inheritance.

Warfare prayer to claim our inheritance is usually needed in the following cases:
If the Christian or his/her ancestors have had anything to do with:

Acts of Rebellion, especially in the home as a minor child.

Witchcraft: that is, Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco abuse;
Fortune telling in any form, for example, tea-leaf reading, cutting cards, ouija boards, going to seers, spiritual baths, wearing of charms, astrology, consulting psychics, etc; Dominating, Intimidating or Controlling other people.

Stubbornness: chronic inability to be spoken to or reasoned with.

Iniquity: that is, sin that is practiced as a lifestyle: for example, a lifestyle of worshipping idols; lying, cheating, stealing, or murder as a way of life; etc.

Idolatry: that is, the worshipping of idols, or any other spirit or god or goddess, who is not the True and Living God; the LOVE of money.

Treating your father or mother with contempt: striking them, cursing them, damaging their good reputation for your own profit, or neglecting them in old age.

Cheating those who trust you: causing others to go astray; taking advantage of those who are helpless and cannot fight back; stabbing others in the back.

Sexual sin: sleeping around outside of marriage; being unfaithful within marriage; involvement in sex activities with someone to whom you are not married; fantasy lust; phone/internet sexual activity, etc.

If this list seems extreme, it is only because people who become Christians come from all kinds of backgrounds and have lived through all kinds of sinful conditions, which need to be faced and dealt with by the prayer of Claiming our Inheritance.

There are many in the Body of Christ who believe that these things are automatically covered when the prayer of salvation is prayed. But the number of believers who continue to struggle either openly or privately with problems caused by the above sins, is indeed staggering, and shows that at least for many, this is a great need in the Body of Christ.

This kind of prayer is future-shaping because, it can bring about new vistas of freedom in the life of the one claiming their inheritance.

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